Are you an interested vendor?

That’s great! We always like hearing from new makers and collectors. Here are the details of how you can take part in the Annex Flea:

Send us a message using our contact form on the right, or by email — info [at] annexflea [dot] com. If you send us an email directly, be sure to include all the required fields in the form.

With this information, we will add you to our potential vendor list, so we can contact you when we’re ready to fill spots in our next market.

We send out a call to vendors email with the date and time of upcoming markets.  At this point, confirm your interest in the date(s) by responding to the email.

Wait for your follow-up email confirming your participation. Please note that we will not send out confirmations until after the deadline date and that not all applicants will be able to participate in a given event (see below). Also, since you can submit an application for more than one market date, note that we send out an email to confirmed vendors for each date. If you are accepted for more than one market, you would get more than confirmation email.

Because our space is limited and we do get more applications than spots available, not all applicants will be able to participate in a given event. How do we decide? We try to keep things fair by looking at vendors in two ways: by category and by date of application. For example, if we get applications from seven different vendors selling, say, crystal tiger heads, we’ll accept maybe the first two for the upcoming event and keep the other applicants in the loop for the next market. We do this to keep our markets varied for visitors (there is only so much space on one’s mantle for tiger heads) and to be fair to our vendors (it would stink to have your crystal head prices undercut by the three other guys at the same event).

See you soon!

Editor’s Note: if you do have a crystal tiger head for sale, please let us know right away.

Vendor Application

Our holiday market is full! Thanks to all those who applied! If you would like to be added to our mailing list to learn of markets in 2016, please fill in the form below.

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